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Fanworks about Bond/Q.


1 Welcome! Posts should be related to fanworks focusing on Bond/Q. This means pre-slash or slash (or het in the case of genderswitch) with 00Q as the main pairing. Threesomes and polyamory are fine as long as Bond/Q remains a central focus.

2 Format: Make the title of the fanwork your subject line, and please use this template or something similar:

You can add the word count and author's notes if you'd like. WARN for non-con, dub-con, graphic violence, and other triggers.

3 Tags: Use the tags so we can enjoy your post later!
Fanworks: Always include a category and a rating tag, and for completed fic, include a length tag. (No one's going to jump down your throat if you forget, but a mod may add it later.) Add as many other tags as are accurate and would help someone find this type of fanwork (e.g. if you mention kidnapping once in passing, don't add a tag for it, but if it's a major part of your work, please do.)

Rec List Links & Fests: For rec list links, please only use the tag "category: rec list link." For fests, only use the tag "category: fest/challenge/etc."

4 lj-cut: Use an lj-cut to post your story over 200 words and art or vid over 500 pixels here. If your art is not safe for work, it needs to go under the cut regardless of size, so we can all keep our paychecks.

5 Post limits: Please add a new post no more than once in a 24 hour period. Only post the same information once. If you're posting about a multi-chaptered work, you can add a new post for the new chapter after 24 hours have passed since you last posted. (Or you can edit your existing post with a link to the new chapter.)

6 Rec lists and recs: Feel free to post a link to a 00Q rec list. If you rec fanworks here, use the template above, and post each rec as a separate post so you can tag it properly.

7 Fests This isn't the place for multiple pairing fests, but feel free to post about an upcoming 00Q fest or challenge. Please check the tag page for fests to be sure someone else hasn't already posted a similar update.

8 Be friendly: Don't leave negative reviews or flame others. Don't bash other pairings, fandoms, etc....

9 No locks: Only link to fanworks everyone can access without having to join or friend anywhere.

10 No taking over the world: Don't code your post in a way that changes the community's layout, default font, or color scheme.

Breaking the rules, especially #8, may result in your post being deleted.

Still have questions? Ask 00q_mod.

(Although these guidelines were written in my own words, this is my first go round as a mod, and I got some ideas for the sort of things to include by looking at the -- much better, more detailed -- rules over at merlinxarthur.)

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