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[sticky post] 00Q


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Help finding fics

Hello, hope someone is still listening!

I have a couple of requests for finding 00q fics that I think I read on A03):

1. Starts with an invitation to Q from Bond to his marriage with (Madeline?) (“Ignore the dress code — come as you are. JB”). Q disappears, and Bond finds him in not a good place, doing drugs, etc. I think this one was unfinished.
2. Homeless Bond is invited to share Q’s home. Q lives in a beautiful house surrounded by forest, and he has a dog (Irish setter?).

These have been driving me crazy for awhile. I hope someone remembers these and can help! Many thanks.

Q taking care of Bond post-Skyfall

I just finished a weekend Bond marathon, and I was wondering if there was anyone still here that could help me out?  I was looking for any stories that involved Q having to take care of Bond after the events in Skyfall. (Or during Spectre, for that matter, but mostly Skyfall.)  There's actually one that I remember reading, but cannot for the life of me find, in which Q actually takes Bond on a retreat of sorts to a safe house, because they're afraid he'll harm himself.  Any stories that have Bond as the vulnerable one, and Q doing the looking after, would be good.  Bonuses if Mallory plays a big part, I really like him.  (If there was a 00Mallory comm I'd join it too, but seems that's rather rare!)  I appreciare any help anyone can give.  Thanks!


Looking for fic's with Q being a cyborg or a AI/Robot.
If you know a fic like this please respond!


For awhile now i've been looking for a certain fic that stared a young!Q, but sadly I have had no luck:(

- All I really remember was a scene were little Q was tallking Bond through a mission, and that the Quatermaster didn't realy like Q. -

I know this isnt helpfull but if anyone thinks they know what I'm talking about please respond!
And if you don't know the fic I'm talking about, but know one that has a young Q respond anyway :)
(I love Young!Q, he is adorible!)
(P.S. It was either on fanfiction.net OR AO3)

Dark James Fic Search

Hello all,
I'm hoping someone may be able to rec a fic (or several) that feature dark!James. Mostly a James that is not all good, maybe a bit morally dubious and Q has to deal with that.

Any length/genre/universe is fine. :)

Title: [podfic] Q-Branch Does Not Operate a Phone Sex Line
Author: laughtershock
Reader: mothlights
Cover Artist: milky_haven
Fandom: James Bond: Skyfall
Pairing: Bond/Q
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Text: at AO3
Length: 00:08:25
Size: MP3 4.9 MB | M4B 5.1 MB

Author's Summary: He's four days into a mission in Bangladesh and running from multiple armed men through the streets of Dhaka when Q asks, "What are you wearing?"

Streaming, MP3 & M4B at AO3

[ART] Book covers

Title: Untitled
Character(s): James Bond, Q (James Bond/Q)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slash
Type: Graphic art
Note (if any): So these past two months I’ve read some 00Q fics and I found quite a number of them are amazing! There are certain fics that definitely got hitched to my creative side that I just cannot resist it and YES, I did book covers for these delightful fics! Click the image below!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Fanfics that I made into book covers:
Love and Other Hazardous Materials by luchia
Ordinary Numbers by BootsnBlossoms and Kryptaria
Crush by stereobone
British Sign Language For Dummies: How To Seduce Your Quartermaster by IAmNotOneOfThem

rec: 00Q art - Numb by marielikestodraw

Title: Numb
Author/Artist: marielikestodraw
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Click the preview to go to marielikestodraw's tumblr (and click the art for a larger version).

00Q is dedicated to fanworks about a relationship between James Bond and Q, including fanfics, podfics, fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, fests and rec lists.
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